Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wild About Harry

This weekend, hunky called me from the Dr. Who convention in Los Angeles, and told me in a rather excited voice "I bought a Dr. Who scarf!" Yes, my hunky was geekily ecstatic about his purchase. He went on and on about the scarf, and then segued into all the other "cool" Dr. Who things he got.

Quite unexpectedly, he said "Oh, and I got you something, too. You're really going to like it."

"Really? You found something for me at a Dr. Who convention?"

"Yes I did!" he proudly retorted back.

Well, excuse me... but I wasn't feeling very secure in the promise that I would "really like" this gift. After all, Dr. Who is a very foreign entity to me; I wasn't feeling the Dr. Who love, so to speak.

When I got home from work last night with the dogs in tow, hunky was happy to see me. More than that, though, he couldn't wait to give me the gift he brought back. "I just have to remember what bag I put it in."

He rummaged around for awhile, then said "Here it is." He pulled something long from out of a plastic bag and handed it to me.

I started jumping up and down. "Oh boy!"

"You know what it is, right?"

And we both answered his question at the same time: "It's a Harry Potter scarf!"

Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Harry Potter scarf. I wore it all last night, and have it on today here at work.

Call me a geek, but I loves me some Harry. And hunky.

Sometimes, he really does know what I want!

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