Monday, February 06, 2006

Alone Again... Thankfully

When Todd's sister left on Saturday, we both collapsed from exhaustion. While it was great to have her here (especially for hunky), every night was a late one, and every day was filled with activity. I took a much-needed and extremely long nap on Saturday afternoon, but apparently that wasn't enough to revive me completely.

On Sunday morning, Todd and I both got up early and started griping at one another almost immediately. I knew our tempers were short because we were both still tired... still, knowing what was causing all the strife didn't stop it from happening.

After one bitch session, Todd took a shower, put on clothes and simply said "I'll be back before dinner." I asked him where he was going and he said "Out."

Now, normally this alone would cause me to start bitching at him because he would never let me get away with simply saying I was going out. Not that he has to know where I am every minute of every day, but he doesn't let me out of the house without some idea of where I'm going, mostly for safety reasons (but also to guestimate as to when dinner will be served). However, I bit my tongue when I heard that him talking to the dogs... if he was going to get them out of my hair for the day, who was I to complain that he was leaving?

Without a "good-bye," he was out of the house within minutes. I breathed an expansive sigh of relief. It wasn't even quite 10:30 am, and I had the whole day ahead of me. I could do whatever I wanted. I was free.

I started off the day by catching up on a few of the shows I had taped on our DVR. But after a couple of shows, I was antsy. And tired. I wandered upstairs to my office, and sat on my daybed. I pulled out a magazine, curled up under a throw blanket, and started to read. The next thing I knew, it was 2:30 pm. Ahhhh... whatta nice long nap.

Feeling groggy, I found myself craving a Starbucks decaf. I decided to go grocery shopping, first to Smith's to pick up a few items I can only get there, and then off to Safeway for gas, Starbucks and meat (not necessarily in that order). Unfortunately, my shopping trip took longer than I had hoped, and not ten minutes after I had put all the groceries away after getting home, hunky came back.

We barely spoke to one another, but he did sit down on the couch to finish watching Kathy Griffin's "Allegedly," which I had turned on to watch while I unloaded groceries. After it was over, he went upstairs to his office, and I started to make dinner.

I know. He probably didn't deserve dinner, but then again, he probably didn't deserve all the bitching he heard that morning, either (although I heard my own share). So, I made one of his favorite meals, and soon the smell reached him through his office door.

He came downstairs with a smile on his hungry face. We talked for a bit, and I poured us some wine. He finally said "I'm surprised you're making dinner for us. I really expected you wouldn't."

I told him that I am capable of surprising him now and then.

The rest of the evening went smoothly as an evening does after a hearty meal and a glass (or two) of wine. And hopefully our exhaustion is over, along with the bitching that comes with it.

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