Thursday, February 23, 2006

So Hot

By popular request, I am updating my blog today.

BTW, for those not in the know, "popular request" equals one email from hunky, stating he needs his "PJammy fix." For a boy so intent on not marrying me, he sure does need him some PJammy! But I digress...

In today's update, I will rant about Paris Hilton's bondage ring. According to her, "it's hot." However, also according to her, bulimia is hot, stumbling so that her bodyguard has to prop her up by her boob is hot, and making a sex video that gets distributed on the internet and embarrasses her family is hot. So, I don't know... a bondage ring hot? Maybe. And maybe not.

My main problem with Paris' bondage ring and her subsequent pimping of it isn't the ring itself. It's that Paris is trying so hard to be hip and cool by pretending she's into the whole bondage scene. "Oh yeah, bondage is hot." The only thing Paris Hilton has ever been tied to is her cell phone. And believe me, that's not hot.

Personally, I think the only way her bondage ring would be considered hot was if she was forced to her knees, gagged, then bound to a a public lampost, after which that bondage ring was shoved up her ass. That would indeed be hot. Or at least amusing.

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