Monday, February 06, 2006

Good To The Last Drop

On Friday afternoon, hunky and I went out to run a few errands before meeting his sister for dinner. Since one of the errands took place at PetsMart and hunky knew how painful that was for me (it's not that I mind shopping there... it's just that he takes forever to make up his mind what he wants), he took me over to the nearby Starbucks for a decaf.

His intent was to treat, but since he had treated me to a very nice lunch just a couple of hours before, I decided to treat instead. We both ordered decafs, however his was doctored up with pumps and whipping cream and whatnot. Unfortunately, they had just run out of decaf and were in the process of starting a new "pot." They said it would take four minutes.

For some odd reason, hunky's decaf came up first. And I say "odd," because his was doctored, while mine was just plain. After serving him his frilly decaf, they told me it would be another two minutes or so for mine.

We chatted while waiting, and the manager brought me my decaf personally, instead of calling me to the counter. I noticed they upgraded my size for free. I thanked him, and went over to the fixins island for Splenda and half & half. As I grabbed the half & half container, I could feel it was empty. Ignoring the obvious, I tilted it into my cup, anyway. Nope. Dry as a prohibitionist.

I brought the container over to the counter, let them know it was empty, and the woman behind the counter apologized. Within seconds, she had a new one for me. I took it over to the fixins island, and all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, and it was the half & half woman again. She told me she was sorry that I not only had to wait for my decaf, but then had to fetch some half & half. She handed me a coupon and said "Your next coffee is on us!" I thanked her, and she said "No, thank you for being so patient with us," and then she turned and walked away.

As we left Starbucks, I told hunky that I couldn't be happier with my good fortune. I was happy enough for the size upgrade, but a free coffee as well? Hunky swears its his good luck rubbing off on me, but I prefer to think of it as my decaffeinated pot o' gold.

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