Thursday, February 23, 2006

Take This Job And Shove It

Yesterday, I almost quit my job.

Oh I didn't. No, the minute I thought about walking out, I knew I was overreacting. But still... the fact is that the thought did cross my mind. In fact, I even did a little job searching yesterday, just to sort of see if walking out would be worth it.

It wouldn't be.

As bad as my job gets some times, there just isn't anything else out there, at least in Reno, that will give me the one perk I have grown to love: my regularly scheduled three-day weekends. There is nothing quite like a four-day work week, that's for sure.

As difficult as it is sometimes to make it through a workday here, the benefit is that I know I have three days of fun ahead of me before having to do it all over again. And that simple knowledge is usually enough to keep going...

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