Thursday, February 02, 2006

Angry Much?

This morning when my alarm went off, I turned it off, rolled over, and fell back asleep.

Big mistake. I had a really bad dream.

In the dream, someone hit me when I was driving my Vibe. But, it instantly turned into a bicycle. I pulled over to the shopping center next to the high school and went into a store that was set up like a Starbucks inside, but actually sold health things, like smoothies. There was a big crowd of teenagers there, plus bicyclists and some business types.

I was trying to get some help for my flattened bike, when I noticed a young teenager stealing stuff from my purse. I grabbed him, but by then he had passed my wallet and money on to another kid, who had left the store.

I held on to the teen, and cried out for help. The cashiers didn't want to call the police, because one more call would put their store off-limits to teens, who apparently were a big part of their business. I was yelling out while holding on to the kid "Please, someone call 911. This kid stole my money and my wallet!"

A few people said they would call for me, but it seemed to take forever for anyone to show up. After yelling at the kid, who was making fun of me for being careless, I started beating him to a pulp.

I figured out which kid had my credit cards, and dragged this kid outside and over to where the other kid was. I continued to beat him up. I actually pulled his arm off of his body, and started beating him with it. I threatened to kill the kid if the other kid didn't give me my money and credit cards back.

The other teen just laughed and said "Go ahead. It's his own damn fault for being caught."

Then I tried to reason with the teen, and he relented somewhat and gave me a few dollars and my glasses back (which he also apparently stole from me). But he wouldn't give me my cards. I said "What good is it to keep them? The police are on their way, plus I'll just cancel them anyway and you won't be able to use them." He said he'd still have my drivers licence, so he wasn't worried. Plus, he said that the police weren't going to come... no one wanted the store to lose the business the teens gave them.

It was at this point that I woke up.

I don't know what the lesson is here, except for maybe teenagers shouldn't steal from me, because I'll beat them up with their own arm.

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