Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Benny The Bi-Sexual

Benny has made a terrific addition to our household. He's easy going. Pleasant to be around. And he loves to love.

Yes, Benny loves to send out the love. He "hugs" us. He wants to be near us. But more than that, he tries to French kiss us. Both of us. Female AND male.

Yep, we can't give Benny the tiniest bit of affection without him trying to stick his tongue down our throats. Repeatedly. Without rinsing.

So we shake our heads, jerk our necks, and put him down. But Benny... all he wants is to love us. So, he starts jumping up and down, his eyes pleading with us: "Pick me up! Pick me up! Let me kiss you! Please! Let me kiss you!"

Poor Benny. We probably wouldn't even try so hard to get away, were it not for the fact that we've seen where his mouth has been, and it's not pretty.

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