Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Say "Cheese"!

Today, Benny is getting his teeth cleaned.

When hunky brought him in for his initial check-up the other day, the vet gave Benny a clean bill of health. Then, Benny breathed on her, and the vet said "Jeepers, man, that dog's teeth need to be cleaned." So, hunky made the appointment and we suffered through Benny's nefarious fog breath until this morning.

Because cleaning teeth is such a horrendously difficult and sometimes painful procedure for animals, vets always anesthetize the animal first, before going at them with drills and brushes and steel picks and minted floss. Wouldn't it be cool if we got the same treatment? "Yeah, doc, I'm ready. Put me under and scrape away. Just don't forget to wake me up in time for Lost."

My luck, though, the dentist wouldn't wake me up until it was time to go to work. And it would be a day that Michelle was out and Dennis had fourteen hundred emails to dictate.

I'd take an unanesthetized teeth cleaning over that any day.

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