Monday, April 20, 2009

Keep 'Em Coming

Wow. Today was a good day for my ego. I received not one, not two, but three compliments - all from guys. Okay, sure, one of the guys is gay. And the compliment really kind of came from his mom and he just passed it on. Still, I am going to count it, especially since it had to do with my looks.

You know, after reading some of the blogs today I think some of you really need some compliments thrown your way. Or a hug. Or both. (And in the case of one particular blogger, I think a lap dance is necessary - but believe you me, I'm not volunteering!)

Because you know what? Compliments can really turn a person's mood around. Not that I was in a bad mood today - nope. Not at all. But I was in a focused mood today. I concentrated on paying bills, cleaning house, and getting things in order and getting myself to class. So, when these various compliments came my way during the course of the day, I just found myself smiling like an idiot.

And who doesn't like a smiling idiot, huh? Oh. Yeah. Maybe a lap dancer...

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