Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Well, today I hit the jackpot. When I visited Redbox on my way out of the grocery store, I was expecting to find that everything I wanted to see was already rented. As I approached The Box, I saw that Bedtime Stories was going to be released on the 7th.

I hit the "rent a DVD" button to see what was available. A little notice popped up that said Bedtime Stories was available. Huh? It's not going to be released until the 7th. I double-checked the sign. Yep. The 7th. I double-checked the message, yep apparently I can rent it. I stuck it in my cart, and checked out.

When the DVD was vended, it looked different than usual. The box was different - oh no. What did they give me? I opened it up, and sure enough it's Bedtime Stories. JACKPOT!

I hit the machine again to see if there were any more good surprises - nope. And in fact, now Bedtime Stories was no longer available as well.


Now if Redbox could just give me a little message about a job that no one else has seen, that would be really great...

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