Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dancing With My Grandpa

Another girls' night out at GSR...and I wanted to dance with someone other than the girls. I sent a little prayer up to God. And God, laughing at me all the while, said "Sure, PJammy. I will get you a dance partner," and he promptly delivered me Grandpa Sam. Now, Sam is old hat. We've seen him there before. Normally he focuses on my friend Colleen, but tonight he only had eyes for me.

I know I've said it before: The grandpas love me. I don't know what it is about me - my mentholated perfume, my stockpile of Poli-Grip, or my bagful of hard candy, but they love me.

So, Sam and I danced. And danced. And danced. Sam asked me if I had kids. I told him no. His eyes lit up. He said "I could really fall for you since you don't have kids!" Damn. Why didn't I say I had a litter? Huh?

Sam continued to woo me all night long (well, until the bus from the assisted living place showed up, anyway). He asked me to go out dancing on Friday night. I know - every woman's dream is to have a date on a Friday night, huh? But, is every woman's dream to have a date that she will have to tuck into bed at eight p.m.?

Anyway, Sam kept at it, and I have to admit, there's something about a guy who is persistent. I took his email and phone number and promised I would call.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, but I will. I promised.

And then from across the room I saw him: Biker Dude. Only, tonight he was dressed up as Cowboy Dude. He really likes to keep a girl guessing. He spun me around the dance floor a time or two - dang, he is a good dancer. Actually, Grandpa was a good dancer, too, but he stepped on my toes a few times and said "oops" while he giggled like a girl.

Yes. He giggled. I have to admit, that was kind of cute.

As the evening wore on, my friend Steve decided it was time to go. And so did just about everyone else. I got up to walk out with them, and Colleen said "What? You're leaving? Don't you want to dance with Grandpa anymore?"

I told her that Grandpa had gone home, because it was time for his nightly medication and intake of oxygen. So yes, my girls night out came to a close.

Just as well. Grandpa tired me out.

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