Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vacation... All I Ever Wanted

"You need a vacation."

That's what my mom said to me when I finally broke down and told her (some, not all) of what was going on between Todd and me.

You know what? She's right.

I really do need a vacation. I need to get away from Reno, from Todd, from having the same conversations over and over again, from crying, from heartburn, from migraines... I need to get away.

I'm just not sure when I can get away. Or where I should get away to.

I'm thinking beach. Sand. Surf. Guys in Speedos.

I'm thinking city. Art museums. High tea. Swanky cafes.

I'm thinking road trip. Open spaces. Kitschy diners. Motel 6.

I'm thinking old friends. Catching up. Lounging around. Making fun of my life.

I don't know which route I'll take... but I know I've got to take one soon, if only for my sanity.

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