Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Think I Love Him

Last night, I saw David Cassidy at the Nugget. I was not even five feet away from the stage, so of course I got to see him up close and personal.

He's gorgeous.

He is, I believe, 53 years old, but he doesn't look much over 42/43. Like his father, he retained his good looks. His physique is the same as when he played Keith Partridge. He smiles easily, jokes with the audience as if they are long-time friends, and is comfortable in his own skin.

Yesterday afternoon, Bill Manders interviewed him on the radio. He had DC for about 30 minutes, and in that time, DC just came off as a nice guy. At some point, Bill asked David if he kept in touch with any of his Patridge Family co-stars. He said up until a year ago, he had been in contact with Danny Bonaduce regularly. Bill interjected "Man, that Danny is a whack job." Surprisingly, David said the same thing (I thought he might defend Danny, but it's obvious that he has gotten tired of Danny's antics).

David did admit to calling Danny's wife recently to check-in, and said that Mrs. Bonaduce told him that Danny is fine if he's on the radio or TV, but the minute the spotlight is off, he gets crazy.

That was about it for the dish, except that during the concert, David revealed that he and John Lennon had actually been very good friends, and so he sung one of John Lennon's song in a tribute of sorts to him.

The only thing that seemed a bit annoying about David Cassidy is his propensity to keep stating how many copies X or X sold. I think it's his way of dealing with his "bubble gum" image. In other words, I believe that during his life, he's seen the need to defend his popularity, and it shows... a bit.

In an interesting twist, he actually sang "I Think I Love You" as his last song in the set... I expected him to not do it and save it for the normally cheesy finale. However, after the last song, he came back to the stage and sang a song he dedicated to his dad... he said his dad taught him the song, and then he broke into it. I believe it was a Ray Charles song, but I don't know the title of it, as I had not heard it before.

All in all, I am seriously glad I went to the concert. David Cassidy puts on one hell of a show.

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