Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Joseph Ernest Martin

This past weekend, one of my most favorite Reno events took place: The Reno Psychic Fair. I planned to go on Sunday, the day that Joseph Ernest Martin, designer of the Quest Tarot, was going to speak. His topic: Good Psychic, Bad Psychic.

I had also hoped to see the EVP workshop, which I had missed two times before. However, apparently it is not in the cards for me to see the EVP people, because I missed them again.

I went with two of my friends, Vince and Monika. Monika is am empath, so she was telling the both of us what sort of energy she was getting from readers. When we passed Martin, she said she felt a scattered energy. She felt he wasn't a bad guy, but he also wasn't someone she would get a reading from. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

She changed her tune a bit after we sat in on his workshop. He was energetic and funny. I immediately fell in love with him, although frankly, he didn't say anything new. But what he did say, he made fresh with his particular style of story telling.

After listening to him, I knew I was going to have to sign up for a reading with him, and hightailed it to his booth right after the workshop to put my name on his list.

See, I've seen him before, at one of the Bay Area holistic fairs. But, his sign-up sheet was full, so I didn't sign up. Plus, I almost always find women readers more in tune with me, so quite frankly, I wasn't too terribly disappointed to see his sheet was full. However, this time I was not going to let the opportunity slip through my hands.

This was his first time to Reno, and that's probably why his sheet wasn't full. Many of the attendees might not of been fully aware of who he was. Whatever the case, his sheet sure filled up after his workshop.

Vince and Monika decided not to get any readings, so they left me before my 1:30 reading. I looked around at the vendor booths until it was my time.

I was quite excited.

Joseph Ernest Martin couldn't have been any friendlier. He's like Pollyanna in men's wear. He exudes energy. He sprayed both our hands with holy water, then sprayed the air around us with sage. He then handed me the cards (his Quest Tarot, of course) and had me shuffle.

When I was done, I handed the cards back to him, and he asked me what my main concern was. I told him that I felt as if I was in flux. I told him I quit my job without having any sort of a plan, my boyfriend was leaving me, I had a cottage I desperately need to get rid of, and a job to be had.

He laid out the cards in a Celtic Cross. The first thing he said was "You're right, your life is definitely in flux. And in fact, from now until June you're going to have to move, move, move. Any stagnancy you employ - any laziness - will just set you backwards." He further stated that even if I was tired, I was going to have to keep moving forward.

He said the very next thing he saw was a change in career, one that would require more schooling (medical transcription???). He said to do it; go to school. He said it wouldn't be easy, but that I will gain more earning ability from doing it.

He also said that I wouldn't have to worry about my health; that I was going to be fine for now. (And, no I don't count this bout of food poisoning against him; he meant my overall health, as in no major sickness or reason to be hospitalized.)

He then asked me what my boyfriend's name was and I said "Todd." He threw some more cards down. He looked at them and guess what? They were all REVERSED. He said that he doesn't see at all that Todd's a bad guy (true). He said that what he saw is that the relationship has been a lot of work, and that if it is to succeed, it would require even more work...from me. He said that went along with the first set of cards which mentioned if anything is going to happen to me, it would require work (change of career = work at
school, etc.).

Then he threw down some more cards in regards to the cottage. Once again, they were all reversed. Anyway, he said the cottage would sell, but again, it was going to require a lot of work from me. He mentioned yard work (which I thought was interesting, because
yard work does need to be done on the place), and stuff like that.

He threw down more cards regarding a job. Once again, they were all reversed. He joked that I should've shuffled the cards longer. He said that I was going to get a job, but like everything else, it was going to require a lot of work from me. He said the cards
showed him I would have to be aggressive, something he also saw as not easy for me. (right on) He said that I was just going to have to keep knocking on doors, following up with thank you letters, etc.

He told me I still had time; did I have another question? I told him that I was considering moving out of state, yet felt the timing wasn't right. He threw down some more cards (again, many of them were reversed) and said that a move was definitely on the way, but not for another year or a year and a half. He said I wouldn't be moving out of state for a boyfriend or health reasons or family reasons. He said that I'd be moving for more earning power.

The 15 minute reading was $32; I didn't think that was bad at all, considering that there were several less experienced readers there charging much more. Plus, he included a tape of the session with that charge. Most readers seem to ask for an additional $5 for a tape.

As he handed me my tape, I told him that while I hadn't yet added it to my collection, I loved his deck. So,he gave me two items FREE: a reference card for when I do get the
deck, and a worksheet I can Xerox for the Celtic Cross.

He hugged me before I left.

Even though my friend the empath was a bit skeptical about Joseph Ernest Martin, I absolutely know he was the right reader for me this weekend. He was very nice, positive, and delivered the bad news with sympathy and advice on how to change it.

I am very pleased with his reading. I mean, sure a lot of it was bad news, but at least now I know what I'm up against.

And as soon as I'm better, I'm going straight to UNR to register for the medical transcription course. It's time for more earning power!
for the medical transcription course.

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