Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hocus Pocus

For the last two months, I've been doing job magic like mad. I would say it didn't work, but that would be a lie. It worked in very strange and unfocused ways.

For example, I really wanted to be considered for a particular job. I wrote an excellent cover letter, pumped up my resume, did a little job magic, and sent it off. A few minutes later my phone rang. I answered it. It was an HR manager with a catering company who found my resume on one of the job sites. She was hoping I was interested in a job they had.

Now, this wasn't the job I was interested in, but hey, the position sounded good, so I said yes and interviewed. Of course, as seems to be with my luck here in Reno, I didn't get the job. I wasn't too terribly disappointed, either, as the offices were cave-like (no windows) and the job seemed a bit...rote.

I kept my instructor updated as to the sorts of magic I was doing to get a job. He always said "good, good," or "great instinct." That is, until this week.

There was one job in particular I wanted. I did magic for this job as if I was Merlin. I wouldn't let it go. I did some sort of magic on it almost every day, and twice on the day that I finally got the interview (a grueling three-hour interview with three different people).

However, for all the magic I threw out there, it didn't seem to get me this position. Oddly, it got me more phone calls, and a position through Office Team as Project Assistant. But not this job.

So, when my instructor asked me in class on Tuesday what was going on, I told him. He questioned me about the types of magic I was doing (which I had already told him about several times), however this time he said "No wonder you didn't get this position. You are dong the wrong type of magic."

According to my instructor, the candle magic I was doing was great, but not specific enough. He said that candle magic didn't bind the job to me, and what I should've done was cord magic. So he went over cord magic with me once again (I am all thumbs, and have trouble making a witch's ladder). After he showed me how, he had me do a spell right there in class.

I did.

However, I wasn't convinced that I really nailed it, so when I got home, I did another one as well. The next day while I was at work, the HR rep from this company called.

Yet, because it's my life and nothing seems to go as planned, I haven't hooked up with her by phone yet. I left a few messages, but as it was Nevada Day here on Friday, she may have been out.

Oddly enough, on the same day the HR rep from the company I really want to work for called, I received another call from a very similar company about another high powered job I applied for (this one is as a Report Writer; the other is as a Clinical Data Administrator).

Obviously, the magic is working...however, it's still apparently not focused enough. Trial and error is one thing if I'm playing around with money magic or something like that. However, when it comes to a job I want, it is quite frustrating and - dare I say it? - annoying as well.

I just want the fucking job. Give it to me already, and stop yanking me around!

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