Monday, October 16, 2006


Hunky is dating. He had his first date on Saturday night, and he has another one tonight. The girl he dated Saturday was someone he met through a parents of children with Asperger's support group. The girl he'll be meeting tonight is through a dating agency.

If you're wondering how I'm doing with all of this, I can't honestly say. One minute, I'm totally fine with it. The next minute, I'm concerned.

"Concerned" is the extent of my adverse feelings so far. For now, I'm not feeling threatened or worried or despondent. I am honestly glad he's meeting new people. Yet, I recognize that at some point, meeting new people will no longer be the gist of the exercise. At some point, he'll meet someone he connects with, and then that will really change the dynamic of our "relationship."

I'm not really sure what to think about that, so I kind of just don't think about it right now.

As for me, I've entertained the idea of reactivating my account. But, when I look at the type of guy available here in the local area, I cringe. Most have kids. Most are looking for someone to camp/hike/ski/sail with. And all are into sports.

That is not the kind of guy I want, nor the type of dating lifestyle I am fond of. The last time I went "camping" was in the Army, and that was enough for me. I'm allergic to outdoor sports, and watching sports on TV gives me the willies.

So for now I think I'll keep my profile hidden and hope for the best.

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Jedi said...

I guess I'm confused. From what I understood I thought that you two were working through any relationship issues with the counselor. I'm surprised then that you are both either dating or thinking of dating.

Are you still both going to the counselor?

What this advice the counselor gave?

Stay strong hun