Thursday, June 01, 2006


Numerology is one of the few metaphysical arts that I absolutely don't believe in. I find it to be a bunch of hooey. I'm never like whatever number I'm told I am. It just seems so odd.

However, since I am surrounded by numerology nuts, I decided to give it another try today. I went to this website and used the graph to figure out my Destiny number. I came up with 12/3 (which basically means I'm a "3.")

I read the description of a 3 and discovered I'm pretty much nothing like a 3. And then a little thought crossed my mind: "But your mom was going to name you something different."

Long story short, my mom had a name all picked out for me: Cynthia Denise. Another woman she worked with was pregnant at the same time, but didn't have a girl's name picked out as she was sure she was having a boy. My mom said "But what if you have a girl?" "I won't have a girl. I know I'm having a boy."

Well, I was born a month late (in fact, I wasn't about to come out of the womb, so the doc had to finally take me by Caesarean). And yes, the woman at work had her baby first - a girl. The woman had no idea what to name it, so she stole my name.

Just for fun, I worked out the graph for what my name would've been if my mom had been able to name me what she wanted to. And guess what? It still works out to a 3.

I find that very odd. However, odd as it is, it still isn't me.

I'm more like a ten. Now that's the kind of numerology I can get down with.

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