Monday, June 05, 2006

Increased Awareness

Last week, I held a self-dedication ritual. Since then, I've had four incidents of extreme awareness:

1. Friday morning, I awoke and knew in my heart that Darlene had passed away the night before. A few hours later, I received an email from an old friend confirming my suspicion and informing me of date of the memorial service.

2) Last night, I had a dream that our dogs broke down the backyard fence. Today, Todd called me at work to tell me that the neighbor pounded on the door early this morning to let us know that our dogs were in his yard because they broke down the fence. The only two differences between reality and my dream was the actual part of the fence that was broken (in my dream, it was the east facing fence; in real life, the north), and in my dream the fence that was broken down revealed an alternate fence behind it.

3) Early this morning, I had another dream that my registration tags were missing off of my Honda (I've been primarily driving the Vibe, but planned on driving the Honda today). When I got out to the Honda, I remembered my dream and checked the license plate. Sure enough, my tag was missing. A call to DMV assured me that my car was registered, so I think someone stole my tag, but since I hadn't driven it much lately I hadn't noticed.

4) During my lunch break, I walked to the post office to mail a package. Because of road work, several streets I would normally walk back to work on were closed, so I had to use an alternate route... which took me by Starbucks. Because of reflux, I can only drink a few of their decaf blends without experiencing a backlash. It was hot outside, and I debated with myself as to whether or not I really even wanted coffee in the first place. Secondly, I normally call first, to see if the blend they're serving that day is one that agrees with me. Because this was spur of the moment, I hadn't called...

I decided to just tune in and all of a sudden I felt that they were serving Light Note, a blend that agrees with me, but doesn't necessarily delight me. I asked myself how I felt about this, and decided that I felt a bit luke warm at the prospect of having Light Note. However, then I realized I could be totally wrong, and decided to check it out... turns out I was right; they were serving Light Note.

I got a cup, and left. When I got to the office, I took a sip and guess what? The coffee itself was LUKE WARM. I thought this odd, because on the way to Starbucks I remember that in my internal debate, I used the term "luke warm." I didn't realize it would be literal!

It's been an interesting few days. I hope this strong awareness continues, but my instructor told me it could very well abate after awhile.

I really don't want it to, though.

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