Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mighty Hem-a-tighty

On Friday, we took Todd's dad down to Virginia City to "sheck it out." Todd's dad told us "I have to get something for Karen today!" (Karen being Todd's mom.)

While strolling Virginia City's main street, Todd's dad saw a rock shop he wanted to go into. He thought he might find something for Todd's mom there. We traipsed in, and immediately I was drawn to the shelves and shelves of polished rocks, gemstones and crystals.

A little basket near the cash register caught my attention. It was full of hematite rings. When I visited London with Chris last year, I noticed he was wearing a hematite ring. I immediately fell in love with it. He told me they were quite cheap, and I've been on the lookout ever since.

Chris was right about cheap: the rings were only $2.50 each. I started trying rings on, and Todd wandered over. "What are those?" "Hematite rings. Want one? I'll buy it for ya."

Before I knew it, we were clamoring over each other to find a ring in our size. After a few misses, we found rings that fit. I paid for Todd's ring while he was still wearing it. He wouldn't take it off. He was in love with it.

After purchasing the rings, Todd decided he had to have another, and bought another one. He wanted a "just in case" ring, you know, just in case he lost his, or just in case it broke.

Since Friday, the only time I've taken my hematite ring off is when I use sticky hair gel. And Todd? He hasn't taken his off at all.

I know about the powers of hematite, but man, wearing this ring is amazing. Now obviously it doesn't cure all anger; see yesterday's post about Michelle for proof. Still, I think that I'm a little more immune to the crap that goes on around me while I have it on.

Of course, now I want even more types of gemstone rings. I think I found my new obsession.

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