Monday, June 26, 2006

Bed Shopping

Hunky is sick of our bed.

It's a six-year-old Select Comfort "numbers" bed. The bladders leak (maybe they're going through menopause), and we have the head of the bed on 6-inch risers on the advice of my doctor.

After months of complaining, hunky finally decided it was time to get a new bed. Of course, this meant I would have to go shopping with him. I knew it would be painful.

Hunky swore the shopping would be easy as he already had the bed of choice narrowed down to two distinct brands/models: the split king adjustable Select Comfort 9000 (pillow-top, remote controls, massage option) and the split king adjustable Tempur-Pedic bed. In my heart of hearts, I knew it wasn't going to be that simple. Three days, six stores and many repeat visits later, I was proven to be right.

Even though hunky had the Select Comfort model all picked out, he wasn't sure which Tempur-Pedic model to go with. There are seven models, and no store in Reno seems to carry all seven. In fact, even after visiting several stores, we still didn't get the opportunity to try out all seven. After much ado, hunky decided on a pillow top model...but which one?

One of our first stops was The Mattress Store to give their Temper-Pedics a test snooze, and the nice salesman told us that they didn't - no wouldn't - sell any of the pillow top Temper-Pedic models for use on an adjustable frame. Their reason? They bunched up, were too uncomfortable, and not worth the hassle.

Hunky was disappointed, and so we trekked to several more stores to test snooze their Temper-Pedic models. We found faux Temper-Pedics and real Temper-Pedics, but only the very basic model was on the adjustable bed frame.

Hunky wasn't convinced. He had to find a pillow top model on an adjustable frame.

So, several days and several more stores later, we finally found a store that would sell the Temper-Pedic pillow top models on an adjustable frame. But guess what? They didn't have one on display. At that point, hunky thought it was time to give the Select Comfort 9000 another test snooze. We scrambled back into the car, and headed for Sierra Summit.

A few zzzzz's later, we hid out at the wine store behind a couple of glasses of red to discuss our options. After listing the benefits of each bed, and the cons of not being able to test snooze a pillow top Temper-Pedic adjustable bed out, we decided to go to Mattress Discounters to take the kind and gently pushy salesman up on his discounted offer.

Having made a decision didn't make the rest of the day (Sunday) any less painful. The buying process took much too long. Hunky decided to pay for the bed outright, and the credit card company didn't believe him. He had to convince the credit card company he was, in fact, the owner of the card and not an identity thief. After answering a 20-minute quiz and submitting some blood and urine, the credit card company was convinced he was who he said he was, and approved the transaction.

The equipment didn't believe the credit card company.

After several mistries, the transaction finally went through and in ten days (or less) we will have a new pillow top Temper-Pedic adjustable split king bed delivered to the house.

Now we just have to figure out what to do with our old Select Comfort bed...and we're already arguing about that...

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