Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Seeing Things

Last night's class centered on glamoury: what it is, what it isn't, and how to do it. It was the most entertaining class we've had by far (and we've had some entertaining classes!).

In just two hours, I transformed a leaf into a feather, my hand into three different things (Schmutzy's back paw, Julia Robert's hand, and my own hand, only beautified with no wrinkles or skin damage), threw water on Jeannie (and she felt it), and threw clouds, smoke, a blanket and light at Denise (and she felt it). During class, I successfully "saw" and felt other's transformations on me: I saw my instructor's hand turn into a fin, felt Jeannie throw fire at me, saw Denise's hand turn from her regular hand into a very beautiful hand, and saw the cloud of light that Denise threw at me.

I only missed a few senses... When Denise and I were working together on guessing if each other's hand was transformed to a beautiful one or an ugly one, I first saw a beautiful hand but then second-guessed myself and saw an ugly hand. I went with ugly, and Denise told me she had transformed her hand to a beautiful (a mother's) hand. I then told her my first instinct was beautiful, but for some reason I hesitated and then saw something else. She told me (something I already know) "Always go with your first instinct."

When Jeannie was throwing something at me, I felt it graze through my hair. I asked her if she touched my hair. She told me that she was actually throwing ping-pong balls at me. However, in the car afterwards, our instructor told us that my instinct was correct in the sense that I probably wouldn't see the ping pong balls, but would feel their effect on me (in this case, one of them whizzed through my hair - which is better than someone whizzing on my hair, or at least I think so).

And yes, we were in the car, because our class took place at Rancho San Rafael park. I am not sure what it is with that park, but I love it. I've only been there three times, and each time I have felt its draw. I wonder if the labyrinth in the park has some sort of magical draw, or if its simply the park itself. Whatever the case, it's a great place for magical endeavors.

This was our first class outside of the "classroom," and that probably enhanced the experience as well.

I can't wait to try out more glamoury. It really is probably the most magical fun I've had since I started on this journey!

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