Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Cauldron

Ever since the night of my self-dedication ritual, when I almost caused a small fire in my office, I've wanted a cauldron. One with a lid. Cast iron. Black. So, when I heard the new Reno store, Avalon's Gate, had cauldrons, I couldn't wait to get there.

Unfortunately for me, their grand opening was on Saturday, when I was in the Bay Area. So I had to wait for Monday to roll around before I could go there to get my cauldron. I was itchy just thinking about it. I wanted there to be at least one cauldron left... I lucked out, there were several.

As I looked at the cauldrons on the shelf, the most beat up one called out to me. "Hey, you with the glasses. Buy me."

"Um, I wanted one that wasn't quite so beat up looking. Thank you, anyway."

"Hey! Stop looking at the fatter one next to me. Buy me. I'm the one you want."

"Seriously, dude. I was hoping for a new one that actually looks new."

"Oh come on. Give a cauldron a break. It's going to get beat up anyway. Think of it this way: the first time you ding me, you won't feel badly about it, as I'm already dinged up."

I kept pushing the cauldron's bossy voice out of my head, and continued to look at the cauldrons. However, despite the fact that the one next to it was the same price and fatter, or the more expensive one had decorative Celtic knots on it, the dinged up cauldron just seemed like it was supposed to go home with me.

"Oh alright...come on, let's get you paid for."

As I walked over to the cashier, one of the owners came out of the backroom. Michelle (and no, not Acme's Michelle) said "Hey Peej! It's good to see you." We started talking about the store, the successful grand opening, and went on to the subject of cauldrons. I told her about the fire I almost started during my self-dedication ritual, and how happy I was to finally be getting a cauldron. Then I mentioned that I actually wanted one of the more pristine cauldrons, but this one insisted on going home with me. She said "Yeah, it's funny how some of this stuff just insists on going home with you, even though you might think you're interested in something else."

Funny, indeed.

All I know is I went home with a mouthy cauldron. Now I just got to figure out what to do with it.

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