Thursday, May 25, 2006

On Jeans

I find jeans to be a strange phenomenon. After they're washed, they're tight as heck. After they've been on for a couple of hours, they've stretched out enough to be comfortable. Should that same pair of jeans be put on the next day, they seem to have grown, and the fit is no longer "perfect."

Lately though, almost all of my jeans have been tight, even after wearing them for a day. My thighs have seemed to bear the brunt of this tightness, and once freed from my jeans, display the battle scars of seams pressed in too tightly.

Imagine my surprise when I put on a pair of my not-quite-too-tight-but-almost jeans this morning. I expected that after a couple of hours, the seam pressure would be too much for me. But no, after 2.5 weeks of induction, these jeans feel pretty darn good, and dare I say it, comfortable.

Now granted, this is a pair I wore (just after washing) three weeks ago, and had to take off after a few hours because they were just too uncomfortable. I put them aside, and forgot about them until this morning. So, yes, they'd been stretched out just a tad... still... just a couple of weeks ago they wouldn't have been this comfortable.

And this is why I have a love/hate relationship with Atkins. Atkins, when done properly, works. Yet, I will confess to missing garlic cheese toast, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and baskets of bread. But when I put on these jeans, those sacrifices make it all worth it.

So, thank you Dr. Atkins for helping me to fit back into my jeans. Now if you can just get me into my favorite pair of Gap jeans, I would be so grateful that I'll never look at a piece of bread again with lust in my eyes.

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