Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day 2

It's Day 2 of induction, and all I want to do is take a nap.

I'm tired. Worn out. Day 1 kicked my cellulite-ridden ass. I ended up with a migraine I couldn't shake, and fell asleep early in an effort to just sleep through it.

Apparently I did, because I woke up this morning at 4:05 am, sleepy but headache-less.

I went back to sleep (yeah, you really didn't think I was getting up at 4:05 am, did ya?), and woke up at the regular time feeling somewhat refreshed.

That didn't last long. Before I knew it, I felt like I could just fall asleep for a lifetime.

Somehow, some way, I dragged myself into work. Early, in fact. I had my low-carb breakfast, and now I'm counting the hours until I can have my mid-morning snack. My stomach is growling. My eyelids are heavy. My cellulite is still here. At least my headache is staying away.

I'm tempted to say "I forgot how bad induction was," but that wouldn't be a true statement. The fact is, I never forgot how bad induction was. Remembering is what kept me from doing it again for such a long time, even when I noticed that I couldn't get my favorite pair of jeans over my newly plumped thighs. At some point, though, when I realized that more exercise wasn't working, and calorie reduction was futile, I decided that - as bad as it was - I was going back to my roots.

No, not those roots. Debbie, my hairstylist, is taking care of those next week. No, my Atkins roots. The basics. After all, it could be some latent food allergy that is preventing me from losing the pounds, or perhaps I just don't function well on 45-50 carbs a day.

Whatever the case, induction should give my metabolism the kick-start it needs, and maybe, just maybe, that favorite pair of jeans will be mine again.

Until then, I think I would just like to sleep for the next two weeks. That seems to be the easiest way to get through induction, doncha think?

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