Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What? Another repeat?

Yes. It is another repeat. And I'm not talking last week's episode of Lost. Nope. Today's repeat is... yes that's right: Michelle calling in sick. After a rough week. So she could get a four-day weekend.

I feel guilty complaining about it, as she is a hard worker. But it never fails: when she has a particularly busy week or a rough Friday, she calls in sick the following Tuesday (she's off on Mondays). This is it... this time I'm going to talk to Chris about it.

I'm not even sure how to broach the subject, and I'm also not quite sure what it is I want to accomplish. All I know is that it is unfair to me every time she pulls this crap. Today I am, once again, the only person in the office handling all the phone calls, emails, plus my own job responsibilities.

I suppose there is never a good time to call in sick, yet I'm not convinced she is sick. It's interesting to me that she is NEVER sick on a Wednesday or a Thursday. It's always a Tuesday, to lengthen her three-day weekend.

And it just has to stop.

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Jedi said...

Too right hun, stand your ground! :)