Monday, March 27, 2006

Break In

For over a week, I've had an uneasy feeling about the cottage. I just felt that some harm had come to it. Unfortunately, these feelings of unease would hit me late at night, when I was in bed.

Friday I went to the cottage to meet with a bunch of different contractors I had scheduled to come through for estimates on fixing the damage. Well, when I went to unlock the door, it was already unlocked. My heart started beating fast, and I opened the door cautiously. There was no one in the house, but there had definitely been someone in the house.

The two garbage bags I had there were emptied onto the floor. All my tools were gone: my wooden toolbox, my 12 screwdrivers, my new paintbrushes, my wallpaper adhesive, my studfinder, my nails, my boxcutters, my nail puller... everything. Even the notepad and pen I kept there to take notes was gone.

Interestingly enough, the one piece of furniture I had there was still there: my new La-Z-Boy couch. However, the burgaler(s) had lifted the cushions to make sure nothing was underneath. They also opened up the broiler pan of the stove, thinking something might be in there. All the drawers in the kitchen were open, and so were the drawers in the built in shelf unit.

Anything worth taking (except for the couch) was gone.

The place was also tagged.

I have no idea what to do now. My parents think I should just sell the place. They are afraid that once I move my stuff in, there might be another break in. After all, this isn't a place in which I'll be living (well, maybe... more on that in another post). And, sure, I could rent it out, but that's not the purpose of having the place.

As for hunky, he first said that I should think about getting rid of the place. However, then he said that maybe all I need is to get a good security system installed. As for me, I'm not sure what to do.

It's almost like seeing my dream die. I had wanted this cottage to be a place where Todd and I could entertain friends, a place that I could do magic in, a place that I could escape to when I needed time away. But it's clear to the neighbors and passerbys that the place is empty, and that just invites trouble.

The cottage has also become a burden. I had XX,XXX amount of dollars to fix up what needed to be fixed when I bought the place. But then the water pipe burst, and caused a hell of a lot more damage. I just don't have the funds needed to fix every little thing that now needs to be fixed.

Everyone's answer is "borrow." But, that's a heck of a lot of moolah to borrow, and I don't have the money to make payments.

Todd and my parents both suggested that maybe I fix what I can (like some of the major things), then make sure that the inside is cosmetically pretty, and dump it.

At this point, I'm still unsure as to what I will do. I am leaning towards selling it, though, and that saddens me more than I can express with mere words.

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Jedi said...

Oh hun, that's terrible. So sorry to hear about that. I agree with Todd that a good security system would be better but really I see your point about it being a burden and would it really be the dream you had with that around your neck? I know I don't own this apartment and it is far from a dream home but if I ever thought of it was a burden it would be gone, but that's just me thinking..