Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's Payday!

Ahhh, how I just love every other Thursday. Payday for me - and yes, I don't make much money, but I do feel liquid on payday. I always buy myself something as a reward for making it through another pay period.

Tonight I'll be going to Claim Jumper with a friend, and we'll be partaking of their $7 Happy Hour Widow Makers. I am counting the hours until we'll be chomping on our hard-earned money.

She gets off work an hour later than I do, so I'll be entertaining myself by running a few errands, and then walking aimlessly down the aisles of Cost Plus World Market. Ye gads, I love that place.

I can remember going to Cost Plus when I was a kid - way back when they sold chocolate covered ants and chocolate covered grasshoppers. It was such a treat to go - the closest one was in San Francisco, so it wasn't something we did that often. But when we went, my parents always made sure it was around allowance time, so we could buy ourselves something.

We almost always bought the same thing: Japanese Rice Candies. We loved that they came with toys, and that we could also eat the wrappers. But sometimes we bought other things, like Chinese Finger Traps. Way back when, Cost Plus really did have inexpensive items. Now, everything is overpriced. Still, it is fun to look.

I hope they still have those Irish Shortbread cookies. I know I shouldn't buy any... but if they have them, I won't be able to help myself. It's how I roll.

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