Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fat Fast

I've heard about the Fat Fast for years, and toyed with the idea of implementing it, but the strict caloric restrictions made it unappealing to me - that is, until I hit the world's longest weight loss stall.

I've been following the Atkins diet for years now with fairly consistent results. However, age and hormone depletion when added to a few major life stresses caused a bit of a weight gain.

I decided to ride that out until the new year - I mean, why ruin a perfectly fun holiday season with worries of weight gain, weight loss, counting carbs, etc.?

Come January 3rd, I went back on Induction. It's not a fun period, but I was prepared with the right foods and a "can do" mental attitude. It took me about a month, but the weight started finally falling off.

I lost about 8.5 pounds, and then I hit a stall. I wasn't worried - they normally don't last long.

And then this stall just wouldn't unstall. It kept going, and going, and going. There was no budge on the scale, no matter what I tried: carb cycling, back to induction, cutting out certain foods - nope. Didn't work. The scale stayed fairly steady.

It was time to entertain the Fat Fast.

I read up on it, and decided I couldn't do it. Yes, it was only for three days - but boy, what a long three days that could be. I nixed the idea... and the scale continued to mock me and my weight loss efforts.

Let's face it: no one likes a smart ass weight scale, so drastic moves had to be taken. Fat Fast it is. I bought the foods needed this weekend, and decided come Monday there would be no excuses. I would be on the Fat Fast for three days. I could do anything - well almost anything - for three days, right?

Maybe. We'll see. It's the beginning of Day 2, and I've had my first *cough* meal of the day: a 1/4th cup of macadamia nuts. Lots of calories and fat, no carbs.

Yesterday I went over my allotted caloric intake by probably 200 calories. Still, when I got on the scale today, I noticed the needle had moved a bit. I wouldn't say I lost a pound - but maybe a half a pound? (Is it time to get a digital scale?)

The mere fact that the needle moved more than it had in two months is enough for me to want to see this thing through. I can make it through today - let's see how I do tomorrow.

Keep tuned for progress...

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