Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Date Number Three

Date Number Three: Mr. Moneybags

When Mr. Moneybags first contacted me, I laughed. His email was short and funny - just the way I like 'em. I read his profile, and he seemed normal and sane. There was only one red flag in his profile - a sentence that read "My ex signed me up for this."

Now, I think that might have been his way of relaying to prospective matches know that he's so nice, even his ex wants him to meet someone. But to me it signaled that he and his ex might not be done. Still... his emails came fast and furious, and he was calling me cutie and stuff and so I was interested in meeting him in person, to see what he was all about.

When we finally moved our conversations from email to phone, I have to admit I was disappointed with his voice. He talked very quickly and his words were clipped. There wasn't a lot of intonation, and he had that perpetual "I've got a cold" sound, but he didn't have a cold. Yet he was personable, so I saw no reason to write him off just because I wasn't attracted to the sound of his voice.

We had a few more emails and a few more phone calls, and we made plans to meet on a Sunday for an free Artown event. It was his idea, and I admit to thinking, "A free Artown event? Guess this guy doesn't want to spend any money on me..."

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not all about the money. Honestly I am not. Yet the fact that he wanted to meet a free event seemed like maybe he thought I wasn't worth investing in - like I wasn't even worth the price of a cup of coffee or tea. And since that invitation came on the heels of his telling me that he had gone out with his ex the night before to see The Wailers, well... I dunno... the combination of the two just didn't sit well with me.

Yet as I am an Artown aficionado, I said yes. We decided on a meeting place and event and the morning of the event, I received an email from him, asking if I was on Wells the day before, driving a (insert name and make of my car here, along with my license plate).

I was shocked. I wrote him back and said yes, that was me. He said he had been next to me at a stop light checking me out, while I was not checking him out. He still wanted to meet, so I take it I didn't flip him or anyone else off while on Wells.

We met at the River later that day, and I am glad he found me, because I never would have recognized him from his online photo. Why? Because he did that thing some guys do: wear sunglasses. I guess guys think that looks cool, but it doesn't bode well for recognition when one is meeting for a date.

The event we went to was a hip hop festival. Yes, I know. But it was seriously the only musical thing going on that day. But wait - it gets worse. He actually wanted to sit close to the speakers, so we did. Consequently, we did not have an opportunity to really get to know one another. Oh sure, we occasionally yelled at one another, "HOW WAS WORK?" "TAKE A LOOK AT THAT WOMAN'S CHUCKY TATTOO!" But basically, yeah, we just kind of sat there.

At about 5:30, he turned to me and yelled that he had to get going. We walked out of the park together, and he did not offer to walk me to my car. He said, "This was fun. Next time we'll have to do dinner." I said I would like that (am I crazy?). He said something about how he had to get his son to the emergency room - huh? I didn't quite understand, but he left and I walked to my car. Alone.

About a week or so later, he left a message on my phone. "Hi. This is Mr. Moneybags. Just thought I'd check in."

That was it - and I didn't really see a reason to call him back. There had been no emails or anything, and as the book says, if he doesn't call you right away, he's just not that into you.

Next! Stay tuned for Date Number three-point-five, four and five.

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