Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Questions Than Anwers

Last year at this same time, I started dating The Sailor. We dated for about two months, and then he left for sea. He told me at the beginning that he didn't want anything serious. That worked for me, as I had just broken up with the X-Factor and wasn't sure I wanted anything serious, either.

We spent two months together - kind of always doing the same thing. Dinner, movies at his place, and then some naked time. Believe me that when I say "naked time" it was only naked time - we didn't do anything. Not for lack of trying - but he seemed to kind of peter out in that department (pardon the obvious pun).

I liked him. He treated me with respect, he was of high moral character, and if he said he'd call, he would call. When he left for sea, he said "let's keep in touch and see what happens." We did - and nothing much happened.

He came back into town in August and called me up. He asked me out to dinner. We had a nice dinner out, went to Hot August Nights, and then (since I was driving) back to his place. As we parked, he said "I'd invite you in, but I got back with my ex-girlfriend so I can't." And that was kind of that.

I told him not to feel weird about it - I could tell he did. I was glad he told me in person, although some of my friends were all "WTF?" I dunno - maybe it's because I know him, but I knew that he felt it the right thing to do to tell me in person, so I did not take offense at all.

I did feel a little sad, but not majorly so. I mean, this was a casual relationship at best. Nothing deep, and not a whole lot invested, other than some time.

He said we'd keep in touch, but it really kind of dropped off after the girlfriend bomb was exploded. So imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks ago I returned home to find a message from him on my machine. He'd been in town and called me to take me out to dinner. Unfortunately for me, I missed out. But I called him back and he said next time he came to town he'd give me a "shout."

True to his word, he called me Thursday saying that he knew it was short notice, but he was flying in on Friday night - if I picked him up at the airport, he'd promise he'd make it worth my while. I said yes, and plans were made.

I picked him up, we went to Claim Jumper, and had a nice time. We sat and talked over dinner - and he told me some stuff going on with his job and his career. I was a little surprised at how much he divulged, only because we always kind of kept it light before.

After dinner, I took him home and he invited me in. Huh? I was confused. I told him that I was sure he probably just wanted to get settled, and he said yes and no - that I was welcome to come in. I declined. I don't know why I did - but I did.

I should have simply asked him about his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or whatever. I didn't, so now it's the next day and I'm not sure what it was all about. He said he would like to see me again this weekend, and I said I would love to see him as well. So there's that to maybe look forward to.

I kind of wish I had said yes, but I kind of am glad I said no. I guess you could say I'm not sure if I made the right decision or not. It would have been nice to go in and see what was up. Then again, I'm not sure I'm ready for disappointment yet.

Still, he did send me a quick email to let me know it had been nice to see me again so I took the opportunity to tell him I always enjoy his company. And that's true - I always have. It's been nice and easy-going and consistently pleasant.

I just wish I knew what he had in mind so I could proceed without caution.

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