Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still In The Mix

Late yesterday afternoon, I finally reached the HR rep for the position I really want. She had called me last week, and we've been playing phone tag ever since. The reason she called? To let me know I was one of two top finalists for the position, so she wanted to be sure I was still interested.

Still interested? Doesn't she know I've been obsessing about this job for weeks now? Of course my answer was "yes."

I also got in touch with the HR rep for a company with a Report Writer position open. I had applied for it several weeks ago, and the company finally got back to me. I have an interview scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

It feels strange to still be "looking" when I am working at a job I like, for a boss I really like. However, there are absolutely NO benefits with this position, and a girl likes a little security, ya know?

Here's hoping I end up being the chosen one for the job I really want!

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