Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Always Something

Yesterday, before I was to go to the cottage to meet the realtor, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair (no, that's not a euphemism for peeing). Purrscilla joined me in the bathroom, and jumped into the tub. A few minutes later, she was scratching around, as if trying to cover something up.

I asked "What are you doing, Purrscilla?" Never much for spilling all, she kept quiet and kept scratching. I looked, and there was blood in the bathtub.

I made a quick call to the vet, and the earliest they could get me in was 4:10. So, I went to visit the realtor as planned.

Right before I left the house, I had something akin to a panic attack. I have been having bad dreams about the cottage most of the week. I had a feeling someone had broken in again, and didn't want to go there alone. But hunky was at the dentist, so I had no choice.

I sat down and grounded myself as my Risting instructor taught me. It took me a few minutes to clear my head, but all of a sudden I was in a field surrounded by falling leaves. The air smelled good, and when I opened my eyes, the panic had passed.

I got into the car, and drove to the cottage. All the while, I knew something was wrong.

When I got to the cottage, the door was open. I carefully got out of the car, and moved towards the door. I listened outside for noises. I didn't hear anything, so I opened the door all the way and stood outside looking in. I didn't see anything, so I walked in.

My brand new Todd Oldham Dexter La-Z-Boy couch was gone, and so were the matching pillows and a mirror. Other than that, it didn't look like there was any damage to the place (well, not any more than was done by the water leak).

I waited outside for the realtor. Who was late. And the later he was, the more I panicked.

A call to hunky helped alleviate some of my panic. Finally, the realtor arrived.

After taking a look at it, and crunching the numbers, I decided to sign the contracts right there and then. I'm not going to make much, if I manage to make anything at all. But, now that it's been broken into three times, I seriously just want to simply get rid of it.

The place is now for sale.

After signing the papers, I went home to pack up Purrscilla and bring her to the vet. The vet examined her and told me it could be one of three things, the last being the most serious and would require an operation.

Turns out, she has the most serious diagnosis, and will be operated on next week. She has stones, which means she will probably have to have a change in her diet.

Todd and I are trying to figure out how to separate the cats to feed them after the operation takes place. Right now, the cats are free-feeding. However, Schmutzy won't be able to eat her special food, and she will no longer be able to eat his. Since we hide their food in my office, behind a baby gate (which works out well and keeps the dogs out), it's been quite easy to feed the cats. Now, with this new wrench thrown in, it won't be so easy.

Of course, deciding how to feed them is the least of our problems. We first need Purrscilla to survive the operation. Since she's only four years old, it shouldn't be a problem.

I just can't help but worry, though...

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Jedi said...

You're in my prayers hun.

Keep your chin up :)