Friday, September 15, 2006

Bobbing For Beef

Last night, I made one of hunky's favorite meals for dinner: Spaghetti Squash with beef, mushrooms and Alfredo sauce and CarbQuick cheese muffins.

When hunky went for seconds (because he almost always does with this particular meal), he dropped some beef into the dog's water bowl, which is right below the stove. He alerted me and when I got up to clean it out, he said "leave it. It'll be a bonus for one of them."

After we ate, we let the dogs in the house. They tore over to the kitchen, where they knew our dinner plates would be waiting for them to lick clean. Hunky and I sat on the couch, finished our wine, and soon Benny and Spencer joined us. Hunky said "Watch out for Spencer. His face is all wet."

Neither one of us thought much about it...until I went into the kitchen to clean up. There I found a huge puddle of water on the floor. I fetched a towel and when hunky saw me with it, he asked me what was up. I told him that I wasn't sure why, but there was a big puddle of water on the floor.

He started laughing. Then he said "Is the piece of meat still in the water bowl?" I checked. It was gone.

We figured out that Spencer, our very food focused dog, decided that licking the dinner plates wasn't enough, and went bobbing for beef. This would explain his very wet terrier beard and the look of compete satisfaction on his face when he sat down with us.

When it comes to food, there is no stopping Spencer. If he can smell it, he will find it. And eat it.

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