Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You're Hired!

I was sitting around in my pajamas sweat pants, minding my own business when the phone rang. I didn't answer it, seeing as I was going to go to the gym and all. Well...I probably should've answered it. It was a woman calling about a job.

Uh huh. You heard that right.

For some odd reason, hunky answered it (he rarely ever answers the house phone). He thought I was already at the gym and took a message. But, in another odd moment, he decided to check to see if I did, in fact, really go to the gym.

I had not, so he gave me the message.

I tried to figure out what job Westaff could be calling about. I had applied for a part-time position through them about three weeks ago, however when I tried pulling up that particular job to refresh my memory, I was met with the message that the job had expired.

Well, if it expired, then what the heck were they calling me about?

Turns out, Westaff was calling me about a job I hadn't even applied for. The company (and I'm still unclear about which company) wanted to hire someone ASAP, and to make the process quick, just wanted to interview me by phone. The Westaff rep asked if I'd be interested in the job. I said sure. Next thing I knew, I was talking with the head honcho and he said "I'd really like you to start tomorrow."


So, I start tomorrow. I'll be working part-time, from ten a.m. to two p.m., five days a week. It only pays $10 an hour, but that's okay. I planned to take some classes, anyway (Medical Transcription), so this should all work out.

My boss sounds like a really terrific guy. He said he's working on a contract, which is up in June of 2007. They need some part-time office help to control the filing, answer the phones, and data entry. He said I'll probably be bored to tears, but he really wanted someone reliable because he's sick of hiring a new temp every couple of weeks.

I honestly have a good feeling about this. Now I can take the medical transcription course (online, through the university) I'm interested in, and work at the same time. Plus, while he couldn't promise me he could keep me on through June (contract work being what it is, if funds run low towards the end of the project, I'd go first because I'm part-time), he thought he could keep me employed at least through April for sure.

And, if I really apply myself, I could be done with the online transcription course by then.

As they say, timing is everything...

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Great news :D