Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have some butter, y'all!

Ugh. If I hear the words "Paula Deen," "butter," and "diabetes" in the same sentence again, I am going to throw something at the next reporter I see. Honestly.

And while I know that ignorance can be bliss, it's not when it's a reporter being ignorant. Look here, media: butter does not cause diabetes. Neither does fats in foods.

Diabetes is a metabolism disorder, plain and simple. Paula Deen did not get diabetes because she uses butter in her recipes. She may have gotten it due to eating a lot of starchy and sugar-laden foods. The truth, as the Department of Health states, is "The cause of type 2 diabetes is largely unknown..."

So to all you reporters out there who think it's ironic that the thing Paula Deen loved so much in her food is the thing that caused her diabetes - you're so wrong it's almost laughable. I say "almost" because the truth is you're getting paid to put out that trash - and that's nothing to laugh about.

Readers, please add some butter to your food tonight. It won't hurt you - and you'll actually enjoy it.

Imagine that... eating food that actually tastes good. Here's to you, Paula Deen! I hope you figure out how to continue using butter in your new diabetic-friendly recipes!

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