Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sunday Seven

1) I really REALLY want to open a bottle of wine. But I won't.

2) I also really REALLY want a Claim Jumper brownie. I've hit that stage of Atkins where the food cravings kick in. Must resist.

3) I talked to a friend yesterday and we made a pact: we're going to go out once a month (at least). Music. Drinks. Try new places. I'm excited - I was a hermit for the last half of 2011 - no more Hermie for me! (or is that Hermes?)

4) I'm also thinking of starting a singles group for people of a "certain age." I honestly don't have the energy to pull it together, though - but if I'm going to do it, I need to do it by February 1st - otherwise, Meetup's costs go up.

5) Two of my "witchy" friends think they're being helpful by constantly telling me that there is no one here in Reno for me. For some reason, that really bugs me. Maybe I'll just conjure somebody up - that'll show 'em.

6) Not sure what it will show 'em, really - perhaps it will just make me feel better.

7) You know what would really make me feel better? A Claim Jumper brownie and a glass of wine.

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