Friday, March 18, 2011

Things About Me You Couldn't Care Less About

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?

Wouldn't you like to know?

2. Where was your profile picture taken?

Well, it's not a photo - it's an illustration by Mary Engelbreit, one of my favorite artists.

3. Name someone who made you laugh today?
No one yet. It's still early.

4. How late did you stay up last night and why?

Hmmm... until about 1 a.m. Had a bad case of reflux - thanks to the Leprechaun Sandwich. I shouldn't have gotten it - I did see that it had some sort of onion puree on it. Blergh.

5. If you could move somewhere else, would you?

Oh yes. Most definitely.

6. Ever been kissed under fireworks?

Hmmm... maybe. I dunno - I can't remember that far back. I think I was in Germany when it happened. Or didn't happen. But again... yeah. Drawing a blank.

If I was, apparently it wasn't memorable.

7. Do you believe ex's can be friends?

Do I believe exes can be friends. Yes. Do I believe I can be friends with an ex? No. After all, we're exes for a reason.

8. When was the last time you cried really hard?

Last night. And not because I had reflux.

9. Was yesterday better than today?
No. Or yes. It's too early to tell.

10. Can you live a day without TV?

Yes. I have gone days without a TV. Even years.

I admit that I like it, though. The TV that is. Not going without. Although going without isn't bad, either.

While I have a TV now, I only just hooked up the converter box. I get a whopping 6 channels in the English language. One classic movie station. ABC. NBC. Two local stations that aren't PBS. And a sports channel.

So... even with the converter box hooked up, I don't watch much TV. Although I do watch shows on Hulu. Less commercials.

11. Are you upset about anything?

Right now this minute? Kind of. But I'm ignoring it for the moment, as I have things to do. I can always think about it later.

12. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?

Worth what? And is this question about relationships in general, or romantic relationships?

I am not one of those "It's better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all" kind of people. Sappy crap.

Was my last romantic relationship worth all the heartache and the turmoil? Nope.

Are relationships with my friends worth the effort? Yes.

So see, this is one of those "depends" kind of questions - it's not specific enough to garner a real deep response.

13. Night out or night in?

Depends. I'm almost always up for a karaoke night out. I hate that I don't have any friends right now that love it as much as I do.

And there are definitely times I would much rather stay in than go out - it's all a matter of mood. And weather!

14. What items could you not go without during the day?

Coffee (low acid instant: Kava). Toilet paper. Straight iron.

15. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?

My dad.

16. How do you feel about your life right now?

Helpless. Lost. Unsatisfied. Scared.

17. Do you hate anyone?

Hate? No. Strongly dislike? Definitely.

18. If we were to look in your email inbox, what would we find?

Wouldn't you like to know?

19. Has anyone ever called you perfect before?

Yes. I've been called "Little Miss Perfect..." that counts, right?

20. What song is stuck in your head?

For absolutely days it was that stupid Grenade song - but then I woke up yesterday and it was Madonna's "Ray of Light." I have no idea how that snuck into my head - maybe it was on the radio while I was sleeping. But now I can't get it out of my head.

Let me tell you, I'd much rather have that in my head than Grenade.

21. Name something you have to do tomorrow:

Make cheesy garlic bread for our Ostara get-together.

22. Do you think too much or too little?

Way too much.

23. Do you smile a lot?

Not really.

24. What cuss word do you use the most?

Hmmm... I use "frick" a lot in place of the more obvious choice. I don't know if "crap" is considered a cuss word these days, but that's the word I use the most.

I hate hearing women say "shit." So, I use "crap." Not sure if it's really all that much better... but it's my cuss word of choice.

As an aside, I knew someone who used to say "Fuck me" a lot when something went wrong. I thought it was kind of funny - a way to make in fun of the situation.

I started using it - but now try very hard not to. I've been paying attention to this Law of Attraction stuff, and now wonder if by saying it, I'm just inviting the Universe to fuck me even harder. And seriously? I don't need that right now. I'm getting reamed enough as it is by the Universe. And not in a good way.

25. What were you doing at midnight last night?

You know, this is an odd question - because most of the time I'd be sleeping. But last night, yeah... I was reading a book by Cecelia Ahern.

I loved the first book of hers that I read, "P.S. I Love You." It was a touching story about a woman who was widowed at a young age. But this book I'm reading now, ye gads, I can't even remember the title - it's just so cliche. I am not even sure why I'm continuing to read it - maybe I just like to torture myself.

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