Saturday, March 05, 2011

Playing Catch

There was a time when I blogged every single day. Yes. Every day. Now... well... yeah.

This week there was a lot on my mind. I could have shared with the group - but I didn't. I'll try to recap it all here - because it does me no good sitting around in my head, festering like a sore.

Once again, I seem to have caught the attention of a grandpa. Technically, he is not a grandpa, in that he doesn't have grandkids. Yet. But age-wise, he falls into the grandpa category.

He is interested in me, but - oh yes there is always a "but" now isn't there - there are so many things wrong with this that I am not confident I can express it all here. Basically, he reminds me a lot of a guy I used to date about a year ago - and not necessarily in a good way. He blurts out things that are totally inappropriate for the conversation at hand. He does not want to get married again. And he is almost a full 15 years older than me.

The other day, I was at Goodwill and ran into a woman I've met at several meetups. We got to talking, and she mentioned Grandpa. I was curious what she thought about him, so without giving any info about how he'd been pursuing me, I probed her for her thoughts on him. She said, "There is something wrong with him. He gives me the creeps." And while I admit he doesn't give me the creeps, there is definitely something off about the guy.

Why oh why can't I ever attract the attention of someone my age who is relatively sane?

I think I did see someone who was sane the other day at Goodwill. While I was talking to my new acquaintance, I noticed a very good looking older guy who looked my way periodically. I think I've seen him at Goodwill before. He has striking blue eyes. Or gray. Or something - whatever. They're striking, no matter what color they are.

When I got into line to pay, he was in front of me. He had been chatting to the woman in front of him. When he sensed me by him, he turned around and stared at me. I finally met his eyes and he said, "Hey! Cool necklace you've got on." I thanked him, and told him I got it at Goodwill.

I looked at his left hand - no ring. Then I looked at purchases, which were kind of interesting. Two books - I like readers. And a statue of a, well, not a Buddha. Some sort of Asian God or Goddess, though. He was so happy with it, and I was thinking, "Dammit. Why didn't I see that?"

Just when I was feeling kind of happy and lighthearted that he had seemed to take an interest in me, a woman joined him and they left together.

She was too old to be his daughter. Dang it.

So, my social life is very dry right now - and my work life is, well, full of suckage.

There is a 21-year-old on my team who likes to boss me around. She has no refined people skills. I take that into account when dealing with her, but I got totally fed up with her this week. She was passive aggressive with me about a several work issues - and that last instance just pushed me over the edge. Basically, she stated that she didn't know why I didn't pick up two requests in the label queue, as she knew I wasn't working on anything.

For one, I had been instructed specifically NOT to pick them up. Secondly, her cube mate also was not doing anything. Nothing. And in fact, because he had nothing to do, he spent large amounts of time playing basketball with his friends. On company time.

But... I guess I am the easy target.

There are times I think, "That's it! I'm going to apply for every job I see, whether I am qualified or not!" And then there are other times that I think I'm lucky to have a job that's fairly secure - no matter how sucky it is. We're currently in no danger of being laid off, which is saying a lot in this climate.

Last but not least, there is my dad and his health issue(s). I wanted to go visit last weekend, but we had a huge snowstorm and I was not confident that I'd make it through the Pass. This weekend there is also snow predicted - so I'm not sure I'll be able to visit, either. And I really want to - we'll see. I still might be able to.

I would feel better if I could visit and see him in person, and run some of his errands.

And apropos of nothing, yesterday I was hella hungry, and today I have no appetite. I didn't eat lunch, and totally don't feel deprived or hungry or cranky.

Wouldn't it be great if that happened to me every day?

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