Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

I have a lot of stuff in my head (that's what he said). I need to get it all on paper (that's what he said). Here it goes:

1) I love it when Gwenyth Paltrow guest stars on Glee. I know years ago there were lots of Gwenyth haters out there - but personally, I never understood the hate. She's cool, any way you cut it.

2) Self magazine is in love with Gwenyth Paltrow today. They posted her favorite pancake recipe, and how to get abs that look like hers. I dunno... something tells me that if I eat pancakes, it won't matter how many ab exercises I do - my stomach still won't resemble hers.

3) There's an ad on the radio that drives me freakin' crazy. I hate it. It's an ad against software piracy (which, IMHO, is not the worst crime out there). The voiceover is a male's voice, and he says that it really bugs him that his company is pirating software, so he reported it to... I dunno, some agency. Then the number is given.

Every time I hear it, I groan and mumble. It's like, Dude, seriously, you have nothing better to do than police your employer? And he sounds so proud of himself for reporting this "crime" - like he should get some sort of reward. I just want to punch him out every time I hear that ad.

4) Speaking of ads, there's one that used to be on Hulu all the time, and I absolutely hated it. It was an ad for a credit card or a bank or something financial. It showed this couple getting married, and the guy whispers, "I can't wait to get up to our room." Next shot shows the couple in a lux hotel room, sitting on the bed, opening up cards. Turns out it wasn't sex he couldn't wait for - it was the damn money they got as wedding gifts. Then the couple starts looking at their bank balance as it goes higher and higher and higher...

That ad just sets my teeth on edge every time I see it. It focuses on the greed of the couple, and I HATE IT.

5) I finally broke down and started seeing a chiropractor. My neck has been giving me trouble since last year - well, all I can say is, if your neck is giving you trouble, don't wait a year to get seen. By ignoring it, I caused some permanent damage. However, the doc says he'll be able to help correct some of it, so I'm hoping for the best.

6) As the above points out, ignorance isn't always bliss. And so, I suppose I shouldn't ignore the fact that for two days in a row I have seen puddles of water coming out from under my house. I am sure a pipe is leaking... yay. More money I don't have.

7) When I got my raise, I treated myself to the Oracles of Shadows and Light deck by Lucy Cavendish. It was on backorder, and it finally arrived yesterday. Can I just say that I heart this deck? I can't wait to start using it.

8) I'm a big fan of Christian Slater, so imagine my surprise when Hulu told me that he's in a new show titled "Breaking In." I watched the first episode and I'm sold. I love how one of his repeated lines is "I'll allow it." I think from now on when someone at work tells me I have to do something, instead of bitching I'll just say, "I'll allow it."

9) I've been watching Celebrity Apprentice, and Gary Busey has been cracking me the hell up. Things I've learned because of him: It doesn't take much to set Meatloaf off and a good name for a penis is "Big Wednesday."

10) Why oh why are the women celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice always so lame? Half of the women that were picked were people I had never even heard of before. Plus, they're always so weak and stupid. UGH. As much as I despise Star Jones, I'm actually pulling for her on this show because she's one of the few women who actually has a brain and knows how to use it.

11) Also, what is it with country stars on Apprentice? I hate country music, so I'm never familiar with the country "stars" that are on - so it's difficult for me to pull for them. However, they sure do excel.

Plus, they seem to have a knack for keeping their cool and being able to calm the rest of the crazies down.

12) I received the first disc of "My Life on the D-List Season 3" from Netflix. I watched an episode last night while I was doing my neck exercises. There was a scene in it in which Kathy discusses a bit about her divorce, and missing the good times, but also acknowledging that her perception of their relationship was obviously a misperception.

I could so relate.

It was then that I realized that as famous as Kathy Griffin is, and other celebs like Jennifer Aniston, when it comes to heartbreak, we are all the same in that it breaks us down in the same manner. It affects our self-worth and our confidence, famous or not.

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