Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ramblings of an Unstable Mind

1. I'm tired of dating, yet at the same time, I want more dates. I think the problem may be that I need dates with guys that don't leave me feeling tired of dating.

Is that even possible?

2. I am falling in like with a guy that I've been dating. Of course, there's a problem: I think he may be an alcoholic.

3. I want to be an Elk, but their site doesn't tell me how to become one. But it does tell me there will be karaoke next Tuesday.

4. A guy from Match winked at me. I looked at his profile: he has many pictures of himself in leather pants, and a few of him wearing regular pants and a latex top. His profile copy says he's insatiable and likes rough sex. Um, I probably could have figured that out all on my own from all the leather.

5. I contacted him, anyway.

6. Probably because I need a spanking.

7. Speaking of sex, I haven't heard from my booty call. Well, that's kind of a lie. He called when I was out on Saturday. I didn't call him back.

8. I'm not sorry I didn't call him back, but my va-jay-jay is none too pleased with me right now.

9. I've been having dreams again of my ex. And his stupid wife. And in my stupid dreams she is pregnant.

10. I'm having dreams about my ex because of magic I did on the full moon. Seriously Universe, when I made that dream pillow, I was not asking to dream about my ex. MAKE IT STOP.

11. I think, though, that the Universe is telling me to get all my remaining stuff out of his shed so I can move on completely. Hoping that is the real message of all the stupid dreams, I contacted my ex to arrange to pick stuff up. Of course he hasn't contacted me back.

12. The guy I'm falling in like with finally kissed me. I wish I had made him kiss me again.

13. If you hadn't guessed, I can be bossy sometimes.

14. Maybe I should buy some leather pants, so my bossiness will be taken seriously.

15. My dad is visiting me this weekend. I think I'll take him to Virginia City.

16. The guy I went out with last night asked me if I was going to take my dad to see the Suicide Table - and then he got really excited. Almost too excited. I had to look underneath the table to make sure he didn't have leather pants on.

17. He didn't.

18. He kissed me. With tongue. Why do guys think that is appropriate for a first kiss?

19. Am I allowed to bite the next time someone tries that?

20. I am still unsure as to why I said yes to a second date. It might have been the wine. It was really good wine.

21. I just want to meet someone normal, decent, sane and funny. Is that possible?

22. If not, could I at least just find someone to spank me?

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