Monday, January 23, 2006

The Todd Special

At the Snuggle Ranch, we have a little phrase we use a lot. It's "The Todd Special," and refers to the fact that hunky ALMOST ALWAYS gets some sort of deal when he's out and about.

For example, we'll go to a restaurant and order a meal, maybe a drink and maybe an appetizer. When the bill comes, there's no charge for the drink. Or perhaps the appetizer. Or maybe extra salad.

Now this kind of stuff never happens to me, but it happens to hunky all the time. So, we've christened it The Todd Special to reflect his special surprise discount.

Last night, though, I received my first Todd Special. After dinner with friends, hunky took us to Barnes & Noble. After wandering around in the discount section, I found a couple of things I just had to have. With my finds in my hand, I was looking at a display in the New Age section and I heard this "Hey! Pam! Pam!! Over here!" At first, I didn't look, because anyone who knows me knows I hate being called Pam. But the voice was so persistent I thought "Hey, maybe someone is calling me." I turned, and lo and behold my Risting Tradition instructor was there.

Now I knew he worked at Barnes and Noble, but I never had seen him there before. I walked over, and we talked for a few minutes. Then he said "When you're ready to check out, make sure you come to my till."

And so I did.

As he checked me out, he asked if I had the Member Discount Card. I said no. He said "No worries! I will use mine for you." He keyed in the number, and I got a 10% discount on everything I just bought.


I was psyched. "Todd! Guess what? I just got a Todd Special! My first ever!"

"Good for you!"

"You know, this just could be the start of something... maybe I'll get more discounts! Maybe we'll have to rename it from The Todd Special to the Pamela Special!"

Hunky cut me off. "Honey. Honey. Whoa."


"I think you're failing to key in on something important."

"What's that?"

"You were here WITH ME. I'm sure my presence had influence over your discount."

"Um, but..."

"Think about it. Has this ever happened to you when you were alone?"

"Um. No."

"Has this ever happened to you when you've been with someone else?"

Sigh. "No."

"Okay then. I think you have your answer. There will be no renaming... it shall and ever remain The Todd Special."

"Yes dear."

So I may not get the discount renamed, but the fact remains: I am the proud owner of several discounted books and one very cool Tarot set. In my book, that's still something!

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