Thursday, January 19, 2006

Christmas In January

Okay, so it might not be in a signature red cup, but right now I'm drinking a decaf Christmas Blend from Starbucks.

Oh yeah. You know yer jealous.

As for me, I'm not jealous because I'm ME. I'm the one drinkin' the decaf Christmas Blend. And I'm happy, I tell ya, happy.

When I called my local Starbucks and asked what the decaf blend of the day was, I couldn't believe my good fortune when the barista said "Christmas Blend!" I said "What? Christmas in January! And here I thought I missed out!" She assured me I hadn't, so I put on my best underpants and ran to Starbucks.

Oh wait. I think I already had underpants on. That's right... I did. I actually switched to my banana hammock before trotting to Starbucks, because, after all, this was a special occasion.

Christmas in January! Who'da thunk it?

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