Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dead in the Water

I thought I had a live one. I really did. But it turns out he was dead before I was able to reel him in.

It's summer - the weather is warm, the birds are chirping and my vajayjay is singing, so I found myself reactivating my OKCupid profile recently to see who the new members were. OKCupid told me I'd have to stay active for a short period of time (I believe it's two weeks). I said, "Eh, why not?" and clicked okay.

Shortly after I reactivated, a guy in Carson City contacted me.

He was funny. Just a tad older than me, but not by much. He looked good for his age - and not "too good." I don't know about other women my age, but I don't want to go out with some guy who's over 50 and looks like a GQ model. I figure at this age, that's a lot of work dude is going through to look like that - and I sincerely do not wish to even try to keep up with that.

His first email was funny, so I wrote him back right away. We have been corresponding ever since - and tonight I finally sent him the "we're just not a match" email.

Why? Because of two things:

1) My Window of Opportunity Theory: I have a theory when it comes to online dating: if you seem to click with someone online, and they don't move to the next level within a 7-9 day period, you just simply aren't ever going to meet. (Whatever that level is: phone, real live meet, etc.)

That window of time is approximate, give or take a few days - but I think you get my drift - the more email that goes back and forth means the more time that goes by - and pretty soon the whole things goes from "Gee I've got a live one" to "Gee, does this guy ever venture outside of his apartment?"

2) He kept asking me all kinds of questions about things to see if I'd "pass" - the questions centered mostly on my politics. Even though I kept passing each test - it was just that: another test.

Look: I think of myself as a realist when it comes to relationships - I don't think there is a perfect one. I think there are good fits, though - and if some guy goes out with me and it turns out he voted for Obama, that's not a deal breaker for me. If he's funny, kind-hearted, generous, and gentlemanly, well... isn't that what really counts?

Anyway, when it came to this guy, the writing was on the wall: DNR. Not sure if I should stick around and hope someone else contacts me, or go back underwater.

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