Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings

1) Today is my dad's birthday. I wasn't able to give him much for his birthday - but I did manage to get him a few things, which he liked. And of course cake. A birthday just isn't complete without cake.

2) Speaking of cake, a guy I dated for approx. five months who came to my birthday party in November just kind of disappeared around Christmas. This month he announced "officially" via Facebook that he's in a relationship.

He is a good guy, and I am happy for him - but now I know why he disappeared! Mystery solved (although I kind of figured it out already. Just call me Watson!).

3) I am counting the days until Saturday - I haven't been able to sleep in in weeks, and I am SO looking forward to going to bed on Friday night, and turning off all the alarms.... and then waking up naturally the next day.

4) I can't wait to start doing some yard work. If the weather has cooperated, my schedule hasn't. I want to spend some quality time out there... especially now that I have some new garden decorations to put out (thanks, Dad!).

5) I want to have a party. Who knows? If I ever get my yard cleaned up, maybe I can have a garden party.

6) I've been thinking about my own mortality a lot lately. About aging. And life cycles. About serious things, like health and dying and retirement. I need to stop - it's depressing.

7) I'm not really sure how to stop.

8) Today, the receptionist at my chiropractor's office told me I smelled good. She actually bent over toward me, took a big whiff and said "Ahhh..." Too bad she's not a man.

9) If she was a man, she'd probably be too young for me, anyway.

10) I am cougar, hear me roar.

11) A girlfriend of mine invited me out a few weeks ago to hang with a guy friend of hers, who wanted to meet me. She said, "Dress cute!" Since I am pretty good at obeying orders (okay, I'm really not, but let's pretend I am), I dressed "cute." Her guy friend dressed cute as well... that is, if you consider a crocheted rainbow hat, a gold lamé top, a black kilt, rainbow tights, wool socks, and combat boots "cute."

12) I have a feeling you don't.

13) I didn't either.

14) P.S. I don't think he's heterosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that).

15) In my friend's defense, she said she didn't tell me to dress cute for him - she said, "I told you to dress cute because you just never know who you might meet while you're out!" Well, I met a bi-sexual guy, a drugged up old couple, and a bunch of lesbians. I think that night I wasted my cute clothes... that is, unless that lesbian that took my number actually calls.

16) As it's been more than three days - I don't think she's calling.

17) That part was a joke - a lesbian didn't ask for my number. (And I'm insulted that she didn't! --- again I kid.)

18) Good Friday really was good - I got off early, ran some errands, and practiced in the rain. Okay, so maybe the rain part wasn't good. Or was it?

19) I have a steak in the refrigerator for tonight. Good Friday was good - but tonight will be better!

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