Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where the hell have I been?

Once again, it's been about a week since I posted.

Wanna know what? It's been a very good week! If I sound surprised, it's because I am. It's not often I have a whole week of good things. And it's not that I'm a pessimist or anything...just a realist.

For once, though, this realist has been having a pretty good time.

Well, there was initiation, and since then life has been really good. Nothing spectacular...I mean, I haven't won the lottery or come up with a plan for world peace or even lost any of my cellulite. Still, life's been good.

I received THE BEST swap package I've gotten in quite awhile. The woman took so much care into putting it together. I've had so many substandard swaps that I forgot what it's like to receive a great one.

I've also been dabbling with Swap Bot. I am currently hosting a few swaps, and have joined a few. I'm not big on the international swaps, though, because postage is so dang high to other countries. Still, I thought it would be fun to host an international postcard swap, so I did.

I reconnected with an old friend, and visited my folks for Easter. We had a really good time together. I also got to visit Half Price Books when I was in town, and walked away with a bag full of goodies.

Plus, this week is casual week at work. That means I don't have to think about what to wear or scrounge around for a pair of nylons without a run. I just pull on a pair of jeans, grab a matching top, and head out the door. The simplicity of jeans makes me smile.

And, the thing that will make hunky the most happiest - or at least he's hoping - is that I saw a doctor today and will be starting hormone therapy with bioidentical hormones. It appears that I am low on testosterone and progesterone, so we'll see what happens when I start therapy. If all goes well, my libido is supposed to increase in about 6 weeks. As with any "fix," though, there's a side effect: I could grow hair on my upper thighs where the hormone is applied.

Too bad it doesn't cause lube growth. That would sure make things a lot easier, doncha think?

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