Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I love flowers.

I wish I had a garden, but I don't. We have xeriscaping, so it's all rocks, rocks, and more rocks. No dirt.

Before hunky had the xeriscaping put in, we had a strip of dirt on the side of the house out front. The previous owners had planted a rosebush there, and annuals. Of course, we only had the annuals the first year, and then they were gone.

One day I was at the store and saw gazillions of different types of flower seeds on sale. I bought about six packets of two different kinds of sunflower seeds. I watered them faithfully. Soon, I had lovely sunflowers lining up the side of the house.

Now the strip is gone, and I feed my love of flowers at Trader Joe's. For the past month, they've had daffodils there, and I buy three bunches every Sunday, and bring them to work (for if I leave them at home, Schmutzy dines on them).

Last night, feeling gross and sick, I decided to take a bath. While I was in the tub, hunky came home. I could hear him downstairs fiddling around with the dogs, and making something to eat in the kitchen. After a while, he came upstairs and presented me (still in the tub) with the most beautiful bouquet of roses: yellow, with petals outlined in orange.

After I admired them, he put them in the sink, but Schmutzy would not leave them alone. So, I was forced to get out of the tub, kick Schmutzy's ass (not really; just checking to see if you're still paying attention), and put the flowers in water. I then put them on a shelf by the front door, so Schmutzy couldn't get at them, and I'd remember to take them into work today.

So, even though I'm feeling crappy (in that sniffly, sore throat, can't hear sort of way), I'll have a beautiful arrangement of roses to look at that will remind me that someone loves me, even with the sniffles.

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