Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Diversity Training

Last week, we had mandatory Diversity Training at work (II and III...wonder why I didn't have to take I?).

The company I work for recently added a Diversity Award, to be given out quarterly to the business unit that hires the most diverse group of people. I have a lot to say about that topic...and find that I am censoring myself with regards to that. I will condense my thoughts enough to say this: I am not at all onboard with this award, and my reasons why are simple. The most qualified person should be hired, no matter what. I would hate to see a white person passed over because he/she was equally on par with a more diverse applicant. Of course, then there's the reverse: I would hate to see a qualified culturally diverse applicant passed over because of his or her race.

I'm sure Slippery Slope guy would have some more to say on the subject, and maybe I'll just let him handle it instead of me.

In the meantime, during my three hour training, I kept flashing back to Diversity Training as featured on The Office. So much so that when the instructor passed out index cards, I was surprised that she didn't instruct us to put them on our forehead.

I definitely watch too much TV.

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