Monday, January 01, 2007

Where's Waldo?

In this case, Waldo is me, and I know a lot of you out there (mostly my fans, but even a few enemies) have wondered what the hell happened to me. Well, I'll tell you.


First, it was a trip to London. That's "good life." I had a blast. Saw "Wicked" and "Avenue Q," along with some other good plays that weren't musicals. Had the best pumpkin and chestnut pie ever at the National Theater. Went to Evensong at Westminster Abbey, and lit candles for Houdini, my friend Chris and my guy Todd. Talked to an elderly lady after the service, who was very nice and whom I was tempted to invite to tea. I got lost several times, and spent 40+ pounds on Splenda tablets. Bought a spunky English hat from Dizzy Lizzy and had tea at Harrod's. Oh, and of course I almost missed my plane, got separated from my luggage, and was the victim of a body search (because you know I look like a terrorist, what with my Dizzy Lizzy hat and Hogwart's neck scarf).

After my return, I started my new job, but not before my OfficeTeam job tried to fight to keep me. That was very flattering, and if they had been able to offer decent benefits, I might have taken them up on it. The stress level was low, my boss was great, and the hours were fantastic.But my wallet and my psyche said it was time for some security, so I turned down the offer and sashayed my way to my new position at Vancome.

Vancome is very corporate in nature. I knew that going in, but knowing and "doing" are two different things. It's been five years since I've been corporate, and Vancome is even more prison-like corporate than the last corporate office I worked at. So, basically this means no internet access whatsoever. None. Nada. Zip. And, I will shamefully and boldly state that,unfortunately for my fans, most of my postings were done from work.

That's right. On company time.

So, no more of that.

Cut to the fact that Todd was gone for two weeks and my internet connection at home was down, well, that just compounded the PJammyless Blogger. Poor you.

But Todd is back, my internet connection is back up, and it's a brand SPANKING new year. So, if you're lucky you'll see more of me. And if you're nice, I might even flash you. See how you like those cellulite-filled apples!

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