Sunday, January 07, 2007

Chubby Is As Chubby Does

The other day, I received an email response to my personal ad. The guy didn't seem awful, so I checked out his profile. Not bad looking, and stated that he learned a lot from his dad, especially the art of gentlemanship.

I sat down to compose a response to his email, which basically asked me what sort of guy I was looking for. I basically told him that I believed the answer was covered in my profile, however he should feel free to ask me for more specifics if he'd like.

A day later, I received the following response: "Hmmmmmmchubby."

So, besides the glaring run-on word and the inability to use an ellipses, this "gentleman" obviously believes that because he didn't read my profile, and didn't get the type of response he was looking for, I must be chubby.



This juvenile response reminded me of the similar types of responses I'd get when I was in the Army and declined dates. However, instead of calling me "chubby," the guys simply called me "lesbian." Or "lesbo" for short. After all, weren't they quite the catch? Any woman should feel lucky to go out with them, so if one would decline, she of course must be a lesbian.

Well, I've got news for these guys. I am neither chubby nor a lesbian, although my affinity for big girl panties and plaid shirts might say otherwise...

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