Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ramblings From An Out-of-Work Loner

So, I've been out of a job for almost a full month now. I'm not too worried; my original plan was to take the month of August off, to only be interrupted by a really great job offer.

Not to worry (I guess): There have been no really great job offers. Actually, no job offers at all.

And there's the pisser.

I have applied for quite a few - all of which I was amply qualified for - reminding me again of how that first year in Reno was for me. No job. No glimmer of a job...it was awful.

This time, though, I am prepared to visit every damn temp agency in town. I'm sure that once I do that, I will start working. I will admit, though, it's much more satisfying to find my own job.

This month has been awfully busy, considering I haven't been working. First there was the "get out of the house now, dammit" vacation, almost forcibly imposed on me by hunky, Then there were the "since you're here anyway" outings with hunky, and a few surprise outings as well.

Throw in a few afternoon naps, trips to Savers, errand runs, bill paying, classes, magical workings and hangovers (just kidding about the hangovers), August has been a rather busy month.

I am still occasionally haunted by dreams of Acme and Acme personnel. Thank goodness they aren't as frequent, or I'd have to kill myself with a hangover.

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